My first Post

Welcome to my first blog post. What a time for a street photographer to start a blog. Lockdown and social distancing. No street pictures as we can’t get out there to snap and even if we could there are no people which for me are essential for my street images. However, I can give you an idea why I am attracted to this genre of photography.

The people – for me its always about the people. Personally I’m quite a private person but observing and trying to understand the relationships of others with and within their environments, how they react and interact with those around them fascinates me.

Everyday scenes we take for granted and don’t even give a second glance to make up the essence of our society. Now, in this period of lockdown these scenes no longer exist and its only in their absence that we realise what an integral part of our existence they are.

On a positive note this is the time we can reflect on our photographic aims and ambitions. Reviewing back catalogues of images and retracing the steps of our photographic journeys so far we can assess whether we have improved and perhaps recognise the emergence of a style.

Often we are too busy creating images to clearly see the results of those shutter clicks in an analytical way. Perhaps this enforced break from snapping will ultimately take us in a different creative direction and improve our images as a result.

Of course, the camera will not be idle, a few still lifes and some experimental photoshop ideas will keep me busy. Oh and all the photographic books which I like to flick through may even be read. I’m sure there is inspiration to be found within their pages.

The return to street photography will be all the better and our eyes keener when our worlds return to some sort of normality.

Wandering Hands

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