Sharing Tips Part 2

Prepared to be amazed as you are about to read about making slideshows from your iPhone and sharing them to social media.

First up go to the Photos App on your phone.

  1. Create an album: New album – Select photos for album
  2. Go to Slideshow on the dropdown menu, select ‘Options’ to customise your slideshow. eg Origami, Dissolve etc and you can also alter the speed of your slideshow here too.
  3. Once you have created and saved your slideshow, its usually saved to your photos album. iPhone does this for you. At this point you cannot directly share your slideshow to social media, however there is a work around.
  4. You must screen record your slideshow to share.
  5. So, as your slideshow starts go to top RH corner of the screen to access a pull menu to start screen recording.
  6. From starting the screen recording you have 3 seconds.
  7. Record your slideshow – which will automatically be saved in your photos album
  8. To remove control centre menu tap at top of screen then tap on red to make sure still recording
  9. Let slideshow play
  10. To stop recording click top LH corner of screen, red time counter appears, click to stop.
  11. You will see a message saying ‘screen recording video saved to photos’
  12. Slideshow is then ready to share to facebook and instagram.
  13. Be careful to limit the length of your slideshow as the social media platforms will not accept it if its too long. I found the limit to be 30 seconds.

Many of you will already know how to do this but it was a new one for me and I love it! The origami option for the slideshow will make your viewers head spin, especially if you speed it up!

Thanks go to @murielbinnie for this tip.

There are of course app which can do this for you but maybe sometimes the ability to create it on your phone will be easier.

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