Not Just Walking Shots

Someone was kind enough to tell me recently that they liked my street pics and insta gallery. The comment was ‘you don’t just do walking shots.

Now this got me thinking about the significance of my images and if they had meaning, especially as there are actually a good few walking shots in there.

So, I scanned through my gallery. First observation was the number of pictures of individuals. Fewer interaction group shots and therefore fewer stories, relationships and mystery.

Now we can all blame Covid fears but for once its not wholly responsible. Perhaps my reticence at moving closer to people is though. Due to this revelation of a ‘solitary’ trend I am now actively seeking out groups to photograph. Railway stations and bus stops are populated once more so make good environments for seeking out images. Queues outside fast food chains also provide interesting photo opportunities. Infiltrate groups, seek them out. Maybe try shooting from the hip. A flip screen will be your friend, nothing gives away a photographer more quickly than bringing the camera to your eye to look through the viewfinder.

Walk and search, most covid restrictions have been lifted so there really are no excuses!

Pops of yellow
Street Fashion
Hot Shave
Lads About Town

Will be attempting to capture some more stories on my next photowalks around the city. Constantly on a mission to improve…. watch this space!

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